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Day 7. Unexpected Completion of the Practice. The Venus Spiral Rose. šŸŒ¹šŸŒ€šŸŒ¹

It poured with rain on Saturday night, so I parked up on the main road and walked down to the circle from the road. I love the view of the circle when I enter from the west. Such an amazing view of the circle of stones with the center of the stone at such a powerful angle.

I remember reading years ago that for the center stone to not only be at this angle, but to remain at the same angle for hundreds, if not thousands of years, that its base must be deep and wide under the earth. What a powerful metaphor. Its foundation is deep, wide, stable and strong. Nothing can knock it over.

I listened to the Magnetic Base practice again, this time beginning the practice as I walked down to the circle. Walking down the path led me through the introduction.

"TheĀ  MagneticĀ  FoundationĀ  isĀ  foundĀ  inĀ  yourĀ  pelvicĀ  bowl.Ā  ItĀ  offersĀ  aĀ  senseĀ  ofĀ  embodiedĀ  safety,Ā  security, sexualĀ  integrity,Ā  innerĀ  strength,Ā  andĀ  independenceĀ  toĀ  helpĀ  createĀ  ourĀ  ownĀ  innerĀ  pillar.Ā Ā 
ItĀ  allowsĀ  usĀ  toĀ  flowĀ  withĀ  ourĀ  emotionsĀ  andĀ  sexuality.Ā Ā 
ItĀ  allowsĀ  usĀ  toĀ  haveĀ  healthyĀ  emotionalĀ  boundariesĀ  onĀ  aĀ  sexual,Ā  personalĀ  andĀ  emotionalĀ  level.
WithĀ  aĀ  healthy,Ā  intact,Ā  magneticĀ  ground,Ā  weĀ  canĀ  fullyĀ  engageĀ  inĀ  ourĀ  intimateĀ  relationships.Ā  WeĀ  canĀ  loveĀ  ourselvesĀ  andĀ  beĀ  sovereignĀ  andĀ  thereforeĀ  beĀ  openĀ  andĀ  vulnerableĀ  toĀ  others.
ItĀ  isĀ  hereĀ  thatĀ  ourĀ  safetyĀ  isĀ  intactĀ  withinĀ  usĀ  onĀ  aĀ  coreĀ  levelĀ  andĀ  fromĀ  hereĀ  weĀ  relateĀ  toĀ  othersĀ  fromĀ  ourĀ  placeĀ  ofĀ  trueĀ  desireĀ  ratherĀ  thanĀ  need.
DeeperĀ  surrenderĀ  comesĀ  fromĀ  knowingĀ  ourselves andĀ  beingĀ  individuated.Ā  TheĀ  magneticĀ  groundĀ  providesĀ  aĀ  feltĀ  structureĀ  forĀ  restingĀ  inĀ  yourselfĀ  onĀ  aĀ  physical, emotional,Ā  andĀ  sexualĀ  level,Ā  unitingĀ  allĀ  threeĀ  ofĀ  theseĀ  intoĀ  aĀ  matrixĀ  thatĀ  bridgesĀ  multipleĀ  dimensionsĀ  of ourĀ  experience." Katherine Zorensky,

Yes. This. Every word of this resonates deep within my pelvic bowl, my magnetic base.

I entered the circle from the west, listening and breathing with the practice. I walked one time around the outside of the circle, one time on the inside, two times weaving in and out of the stones to create a complete weaving.

As I walked, the circle revealed that not only is it an outer mirror of our inner magnetic ground and spiral base, it also contains of all of the Venus Portals ~ the individual portals and the whole. I saw and felt the five portals reveal themselves to me as I walked, touching each stone as I walked by. The quartz stone on the south end of the circle, with the roses intentionally spread out at its base, spoke to me as one of the Venus Portals.

As within, so without.

All here. The whole journey of the Venus Portals path. We can walk the entire Venus Portals path here at Boscawen'un. We can receive the container and the template for the portals here at Boscawen'un - like the beautiful rosebud, and then we can unfurl the petals of the portals and walk the Spiral Path to visit each of the portals individually, one rose petal at a time.

The Venus Spiral Rose



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Helen Stacey
Helen Stacey
20 feb

Looks like the perfect experience to guide you through a tough time. May these magical places continue to hold you and reaffirm the rightness of your journey xx

Me gusta
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