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Calling in Courage and Confidence to Walk Life’s Spiral Path

We all walk life’s spiral path.

It is a journey pulling us inwards, upwards, and onwards, each time around to another expression of our highest potential.  


Fierce Awakenings give us the courage and confidence to be voluntarily vulnerable, bravely bold, and undeniably unique.

Go ahead, Fierce One!

Take the next step.

Walk with us for a little while along life's spiral path.

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What our first readers are saying about the book 

An invitation to find magic in our mundane

"This is a simple and touching compilation of true stories from remarkably real women. These stories reveal to us that awakening is not some far off idea for women granted special powers and privilege. Rather, it is a way of living where we meet our lives from the fullness of our fear, our anger, our joy, and our courage to be available for life as it unfolds in and through us. Fierce Awakenings is an invitation for each of us to find magic in our mundane, beauty in our pain, and meaning through meeting the precious ingredients of our lives nakedly as ourselves."

Katherine Zorensky 

Shaman, Author & Founder of the Technology of Love

True Stories from 12 Way-Making Women Who Know About Courage and Confidence

Twelve way-making women show you the moments
that broke their hearts wide open...the pivots they made to reclaim their inner truth...
and the steps they took towards a greater sense of authenticity,
belonging, and freedom.

What does it take to keep walking life's spiral path?

The authors share excerpts from their chapters and insights from their journeys.

Get to know each co-author. Watch their inspiring video on this YouTube Playlist. 


Excerpt from co-author, Sarah Hoskin

"To walk a spiral path is actually a feminine pilgrimage. We do not need to walk far or fast. Rather, we are called on and reminded to walk slowly, deliberately and deeply, wherever we are.

While this spiral path and these sacred sites have actually provided me with the map and the  pathway I needed to connect with my true self, the spiral path is actually available for all of us,  both within and outside of ourselves.


It is both an inner and an outer journey, accessible simply through the asking."


Discover your courage.

Walk with confidence.

Feel your fierceness!

Each chapter serves as a mile marker on the continually unfolding path to wholeness.


This book is for you if you want to:

Discover what lies in the center of your experience and what evolves from that center point


Bridge your grief and love to illuminate deeper knowing and wisdom


Heal the wounds of your heroine’s journey and rise above long-lived shame, pain and discontentTrust


what calls to you now, and feel safe and empowered to take the next step


Shine with grace and integrity as you unwrap the gift you’re now meant to show the world

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