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Day 4. Commitment to the Practice in the Midst of Life. Thursday, 15 February.

4 hours of sleep. Early morning visit to the vet. Dropping off Rupert for his liver scan and honoring my commitment to this daily practice, I drove back to Boscawen'un from Penzance and walked down to the circle from the A30. Muddy and mizzly. West Entrance - Serpent Gate. New view of the stones. Scattered roses. The Venus Rose. Beauty. Magnetic Ground practice. Welcoming others who came into the circle, but staying focused and engaged with the practice, sitting in the center of the stones.

Returned to town. Rupert was diagnosed with cancerous nodules on his liver. Life and impending death.

This commitment and practice is holding me in love as Rupert and I moved in to an ever quickening spiral of our time together. Twelve years this turn on the spiral. Lifetimes together. He has been my protector and my safety. Letting go to cultivate the safety within.

The Spinal Base and the Magnetic Ground. Within my own body. Wired in each of us. Having the keys and the map to access it.

Venus Spiral Path.



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