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Day 6. Gifts from the Practice. Saturday 17th February.

No sleep. My dog getting up every hour during the night, sometimes just to go outside and sniff the air. My looking for excuses not to go - tired, weather, don't wanna.

Instead, choosing to honor my commitment. To cultivate my capacity to RELY on myself, to be my word.

A quality of the inner masculine I am committed to embodying within myself.


Misty, misty morning. The path not quite as muddy or wet as yesterday, I was able to get around the major puddle more easily.

Two other women were already here. I sat outside the circle and began listening to the Magnetic Ground practice, giving them their space at the center stone.

I then was guided to walk around the stones, first on the outside, and then to weave in and out two times around, as though I was weaving the basket of my pelvic bowl out of the light and shakti generated in my ovaries to source the practice.

They left as I was completing my third time around the stones, so I entered in and walked to the center stone. The Venus Rose, the rosebud that offered itself to me on Day 1, was lying on the ground near its base. Still intact as a rosebud but with the center of the rose now disconnected, I was guided to pick it up and take it over the quartz stone with the heart shaped stone sitting on top.


Heart feels. Womb holds.

Powerfully feeling the connection within my own body of my womb~heart in the center of my body, I brought the heart stone and womb rose over the center stone and placed them at its base.

WOMB~HEART. The ever-present connection of our wombs and hearts. Every woman. Providing us with the access to to feel and to be with ourselves. To locate ourselves - in our bodies, on Earth, between the Earth and Cosmos, in the here and now.





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