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Free Monthly Full Moon opportunity to experience the feminine practice of embodied walking, in community,

Boscawen'un Stone Circle, Cornwall 

February 24th


A sacred walk for women like you, committed to deepening your connection with yourself and Mother Nature; receiving the Love that you are; embracing your feelings as spiritual practice,

opening your hearts,

and healing in community.


allow self-care to be accessible  

re-member your connection with Self and Mother Nature,

feel grounded, nourished and replenished, 

experience being seen and heard, 

transform your relationships and life

through the simple and profound practice of deeply walking?

Together we will practice daily walking as a sacred walk...out of the ordinary into the extraordinary. 



I'm Sarah.  

I am a pilgrimage leader, Venus Spiral Path Guide and Intuitive Life Coach. 

I walk the sacred spirals of the ancient pilgrimage paths and sacred sites along the "dragon" ley lines of the Earth.

I walk local paths. I walk to be in Nature. I walk labyrinths and spirals. I walk to move my body and celebrate my life. I walk to come home to the truth of who I truly am, to connect with Earth and Spirit, human and divine, and to deepen in love. I choose to live my life deeply embodied and aligned with my soul's essence.

My intention is to walk In Love, As Love, For Love.

If you are looking for a community of changemakers and new paradigm co-creators, a community where women come together to align with their soul's purpose and offer the treasure that lies within themselves to the are in the right place. 


Welcome to the Venus Spiral Path

A community for women who feel disconnected or lost in some way or other and seek to find their home and connection within themselves.
Rooted in the deep desire they feel to
co-create the lives they are here to live and
share the gifts they are here to share.


We will both explore the qualities of the spiral path and experience the feminine practice of embodied walking, a practice I call walking deeply. 

The spiral path exists wherever we are, both within and outside of ourselves.

This gives us an opportunity to create and walk a sacred path

in the midst of our daily lives.

We do not have to travel thousands of miles or even leave our lives or families. 


A spiral path can easily emerge out of the normalcy and everydayness of our lives and quietly exist right alongside the familiar.  It is parallel yet distinct,

and potentially magical and iridescent.

Together, we will explore, experience and invite the magic

and the mystery of the spiral path.  

February 24th 12 noon GMT


FUTURE DATES: March 25th, April 24th, May 23rd. 

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