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Day 3. Resistance to getting up early.

I couldn't get up before dawn this morning. A long night of getting up and being awake with my 12 year old dog. Gave myself permission to sleep in. When I woke up, I felt a strong desire to walk to the stones even though it was after sunrise. In the misty rain and on muddy paths, I entered the sacred space of the stone circle, delighted to return.

I stood at "my"spot in the circle with the other stones, and I began to listen to the "Magnetic Ground" practice - a Venus Portals practice of connecting with our pelvic bowl, our magnetic connection to Earth and to our spinal base, cultivating safety within.

As I listened and breathed with the portals, I wove myself in and out of the stones as I walked around the circle 3 times, weaving a basket to deeply and powerfully hold me.

I then walked to the center of the circle and sat at the base of the center stone, completing the practice and connecting my spinal base with my pelvic bowl. Rooted. Strong. Connected. Cohesive. Contained. Like the center stone surrounded by the circle stones. Boscawen'un. As within, so without.

What a gift these roses are. Someone arranged them at the base of the quartz stone in the past day. The rose bud from Monday morning was lying on the ground, so I held it in my lap as I engaged with the Magnetic Ground practice, and then placed the rosebud at the base of the stone where I sat. 🌹

Deeply integrating the Venus Portals with the Spiral Path. As within, so without. The Venus Spiral Path. 🌹🌀🌹



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