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Recordings & Resources


Thank you for registering and for interest in the Venus Spiral Path
Dark Moon Gatherings.

This is place where you will find all the Venus Spiral Path Dark Moon Gatherings' recordings and resources on how to continue to co-create with the changing energies from the natural world.  


In full disclosure, this is all part of my desire for each of us to more fully align and become in sync with the organic rhythms and natural forces that are here to assist and support us to nurture and birth the seeds that are begging to be unleashed through us! As women, we have an innate access to this - sometimes we just have to be reminded that there is something else besides a rigid 24 hour clock and a linear 12 month calendar.  There truly are real and organic cycles and rhythms and spirals of time and creation for us to connect,

engage, create and be in the flow with! 


Enjoy being with your seed - feeling into it, receiving it fully, being grateful for its begging you and coming to YOU to receive and unleash it into the world!


Feb 9th Recording link here

March 9th Recording link here


Join the next Dark Moon Gathering

April 7th~ 4 pm GMT / 8 am PT

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