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With the grounding of the Great Mother and the guidance of your nature and spirit guides and your archetypal allies, we take an inner journey on the Spiral Path to explore and receive the answers to your most pressing and intimate questions.  

Intuitive symbols, images, and insights guide us as we gently wind and spiral our way to your center and back out again. 


We will uncover and connect with the beauty and truth of your being, power and purpose, and you will experience a resonance and knowing deep within you that sources you to the next steps forward in your life with support and context, courage and confidence.

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This spiral journey will cultivate the awareness, confidence, courage and clarity for you to more fully receive who you truly are and the vision of your sacred purpose, allow for your soul’s unique expression, and trust the spirals of your own personal, sacred journey.


Along the way, you will also receive specific answers and insight to your questions!  

Together, we weave who and where you are right now in your life with this powerful intuitive guidance to co-create an inner, strong, connected, rooted spiral container of self acceptance and self trust.

This deep container will catalyze and assist you
to connect and align with the sacred inner Well
that sources and guides you
to courageously choose, create and live your life.


Helping you integrate & embody who you are. 

Take your first step with me.


Let's discover, together, your unique path. 

$187 for a 1 hour Virtual Session

Use the link below to book a 15 min discovery call with me. 

“I have been to a few different psychics, clairvoyants, and whatnot.  Sarah’s sessions are completely different and more grounded. 

 She has the ability to relay information that may help you take a direction in life that will be more beneficial that a road you have already taken.  I have gone to see Sarah a number of times.  Each time, I have come out with a clarity that I did not have before.   What is amazing is that she did not tell me anything I didn’t already know.  She just brought it to my consciousness and helped me

to hear the answer.” 

John H, Colorado

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